Clinton Tavares


Clinton Tavares, born and Bred Watford lad from parents of Goan, decent in the south of India were the pure country and rock and roll sound has stayed with him in his music you hear today. Clinton's first experiences of music were from his Dad, where at a very young age were he laid the foundation for him with the sound you hear today with his constant playing on his record player of Dire Straits, The Shadows, Willie nelson, Jimmy Cliff and various legends of the 60's. Clinton has played guitar for 10 years before realising the only job he could do was to be a musician. He only started writing songs and started singing at the age of 20 ( he's now 28, for all the ladies if you were wandering 🙂 ) , about his life experiences as musician and experiences with women, money, and realising the real good people and heroes in this hard world we live in. Clinton currently has two albums out on Spotify and Itunes and is in the process of recording his third. His notable tracks are ' Modern Day Cinderella , Mission of Love and All the Birds Flew a Away. He is definitely one to watch!