DBA (Dirtbag By Association) is the collective made up of artists Lucas Ramsell, Burney & Cappa. Three unique individuals who come together and create music to set the vibe of any situation you find yourself in. Influenced by UK Grime, Garage and Afro-Swing, as well as global sub-genres of Hip-Hop/R&B, DBA light up a room in an instant with their charismatic charm and high-energy performances. The diversity within the group is complimented by their infectious chemistry, and it’s hard to fit them into one box due to how versatile they are as a team. The group began as three mates writing songs together in a hazy student house, ecstatic at the prospect of getting on stage in front of their peers and shutting down their local venues. As the shows got bigger, so did the band. 3 became 8 and the musical horizons spread even wider, with Ze U’Chong joining them on keys carved in the heavens, Dennie Toure and Will Wormald bringing the sauce on guitar, Howard Head (Cousin Howard) keeping it smooth on bass and Ricky Gabriel wrapping it all up in a percussive firestorm. Dirtbag By Association continues to expand and spread their energy to the world, and it’s only a matter of time before they end up in your post code.


Dirtbag By Association - MY MIND (OFFICIAL VIDEO)