Decaydes are a 3 piece indie rock band consisting of lead singer/guitarist Chris Macaree, bassist Davie Holland & drummer Paul Traveller. Their musical paths have intertwined before in regionally successful band 'The Release' & independantly signed hard rock band 'Kilkus'. However, when Macaree was seeking a new direction to take the songs he had been writing – there was only 1 choice for a world class rhythm section: Traveller & Holland. Citing influences from U2 & PJ Harvey through to Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Coldplay, Decaydes hones a more raw sound that is somewhere between indie and ethereal mainstream rock. After live stints in 2014 at V Festival in Chelmsford & various live showcases in London (under a different name), it was time to step it up a gear for 2015 and change the name to something that links the 3 members & describes their history: The name was chosen because between the 3 members, they have been playing live, writing & recording for decades.