deeply engrained sounds that span from Post-Grunge power to psychedelic sounds’ – Fresh Beats

‘One thing for certain is that Deepshade has created an engaging first single that is likely to appeal to fans of QOTSA, Interpol, Beck and Nirvana’ – Famous Last Words

‘This trio blend an impressive full dosage of hard rock music thunder. With a terrific fuelling energy , rock n’ roll attitude might and a ‘loud & proud’ music atmosphere’ Forkste Rock

Formed in late 2013 by David Rybka (vox/guitar), Tom Doherty (bass) and Paul Barlow (drums), the Wigan (UK) based trio ‘Deep … shade’ produce a dark, brooding melting pot of grungy alternative rock merged with elements of psychedelic blues.

Resonating with a fusion of sounds inspired by a diverse range of influences such as QOTSA, Beck, The Doors, RATM, Nirvana, Led Zepplin, Alice In Chains etc, Deepshade create a sonic experience that aspires to deliver something fresh to the British music scene.

Along with establishing a loyal following across the North of England on the strength of their live shows, Deepshade have gained airplay support from BBC Introducing and a plethora of alternative radio stations within the UK, EU and USA. Despite only a relatively short period of time together as a creative unit, Deepshade were soon to be recognised as one of the Hot Top Ten unsigned British bands to check out, by The Guardian (UK newspaper)

Now under the wing of UK label/management – Ambicon Music Group, Deepshade launched their debut free download single ‘Tattoo’ in May 2015. Launching as just a taster of things to come from the rock outfit, the single gained acclamation from Krank TV and rock media worldwide.

“The Line” 2nd Single from the album was released on 11th September as a video exclusive for DeadPress

Deepsahde also Appeared on the Cover Mount for Oct issue of Classic Rock magazine with their infection heavy number “SadSun” along with a review in the highly acclaimed magazine

Deepshade’s debut album “Everything Popular is Wrong” – recorded with producer/engineer John Kettle (Merry Hell, Tansads) & mastered by Fran Ashcroft (Spin Jupiter Spin, Gorillaz) is set for release Sept 25th (ambicon records) 2015 with UK tours soon to be announced.
the album will be distributed via Code 7 music Worldwide