– Five accomplished rock musicians
– Impressive, energetic live shows
– Emotionally driven melodic rock
Started by Lead singer/guitarist Simon Denzley, Denzeity is a diverse band who’ve been impressing audiences and venue owners with their tight, energetic live shows and refreshingly catchy songs.
Described as a modern cross between Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin with a nods to acts as diverse as Alice In Chains, Crowded House, Nirvana and Jeff Buckley, Denzeity’s deep talent pool allows the band to mix up genres with solid live performances earning reviews like: “Not expecting to be blown away to such an extent” and “Powerful Passionate vocals, Hendrixesque guitar, tight percusion and a keyboardist like Ian Curtis losing control”.

Currently recording their first EP to drop in April, Denzeity is looking to make 2019 a year to remember for the band and their fans.