Emma & The Idles


Hailing from a small town on the outskirts of Birmingham, Emma has been obsessed with music since riffling through her Dad’s CD shelves as a youngster, honing her craft in the box room of her family home, with a keyboard and cubase as her only accomplices. 

Fast forward some years, Emma moved to London to pursue her dreams, and ever since has been hamming the streets and avenues of London’s music scene, with an incredible voice regularly compared with Sia, ‘Emma lights up a room with her electric performance’ With this natural snap on stage paired with her sharp, powerful and thought-provoking song-writing style, Emma is powering to establishing herself as a unique singer-songwriter. 

Emma released her Debut EP ‘Ride or Die’ with great reception. Inspired by Jack White, Amy Winehouse, Kate Bush, Nirvana, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Borns, Banks, Beck, T.Rex, The Pixies, Pearl Jam, Blondie, Christine & the Queens, Kaleo and many others, Emma has cultivated and crafted her style to what you will hear today, and there is only more to come…


Let's start this series off with a bang. Heres a little number I like to call "Ride or Die" I like to call it that, cos it is called that, cos I named it 👍 This was hella fun, and went exceptionally well, considering this was our FIRST EVER BAND SHOW, imagine where we will be in a year! And it's all thanks for my fabulous band, who turned the songs I wrote in my bedroom into these monstrosities Shout out to the uber talented @stinarattasepp for filming our set ❤

Posted by Emma Withers on Thursday, 2 April 2020