Evil Edna


Evil Edna are a rockabilly punk band from London. Blending gypsy harmonica, psychobilly guitar, thumping bass and rock ‘n roll drums they create a unique sound that gets feet stomping and hips shaking!

“A turbo-charged, harmonica-driven, re-imagining of Madness for the 21st Century!” – Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

“ hyperventilation put to a punk rock rhythm. For a shot of auditory adrenaline, tune in and take off.” –

“Evil Edna takes it to the next level with their truly unique flavours….their electric stage presence and genre crossing fusion of gypsy-punk, blues and deep fried rockabilly, is earning themselves one helluva – must see – reputation” – Chris McCann, Music To Burn a Million Miles

“…a powerful sound that’s about to sweep the music industry” – Eileen Shapiro, Louder Than War Magazine