Feral Ghost


Feral Ghost debut creates a storm

Only a few weeks on from the release of London band Feral Ghost's debut album, it’s already attracting international critical acclaim and awards.

Reviews and radio stations from around the world have singled out A Gathering Storm for its consistently strong melodies, stadium sized hooks, superb musicianship and classic pop rock sound.

“Feral Ghost will win you over without even trying,” declares Music Emissions.

“Obviously many will fall head over heels with Feral Ghost,” says Rock N’ Roll View. “This is one band that’s set up rather well for mainstream success this year.”

The five piece’s album has been nominated for best CD of the year by Indie Music Digest, which called it “an impressive debut statement that clearly proves this band is a force to be reckoned with in UK and beyond”.

Feral Ghost have also picked up two A&R Gold Awards from social networking site Beat 100 for their videos for standout tracks ‘Secret Eyes’ and ‘Gabrielle’.

Take any one of the album’s ten songs and it’s instantly clear why the band’s hook-laden, heartfelt music is attracting so much attention, and why radio stations from America to Australia are making room in their busy playlists for a Feral Ghost track.

"We’re encouraged with all the positive feedback we're getting, and so soon after the release. Deep down all artists, if they're being honest, want above all recognition for their music " says lead singer and songwriter Danny Warwick.

"We've been working really hard for two years to make an album that would be something special and it’s great to finally start getting validation for that.”

The band produced the album themselves but the whole process was a very natural one, with the five members bringing their own personal influences together in an organic way to create the Feral Ghost sound.

“We spent a long time developing the songs before we went into the studio but there was never any discussion about what we wanted the end result to be – what you hear is a just the natural sound of the band.”

And Feral Ghost’s live performance is no less captivating. With a bunch of performances already under their belt, the band will be promoting the album and playing UK concerts over the coming months.

A lot of material for the second album has been written and Feral Ghost is already planning the follow up to A Gathering Storm.

“We're developing as a band all the time and I think the next album will really reflect that,” says Danny. “We’re getting more ambitious with the sound but without getting away from the melodies and big inspiring choruses that define our music.”

"This CD is an impressive debut statement that clearly proves this band is a force to be reckoned with in the UK and beyond"

Indie Music Digest

"Feral Ghost will win you over without even trying… Powerful combination that puts a new band like Feral Ghost on the map for 2014"

Music Emissions

"I must admit Feral Ghost sucked me in like a powerful drug and refused to let go long after the experience was over"


"When “A Gathering Storm” runs its course one walks away feeling that Feral Ghost is on to something special"


"Whether you like straight up Alt-Rock of more Alternative based Pop format these 5 are making their unique musical voice heard in an otherwise commercial myriad of soulless corporate clutter"


"a stunning collection of music that slowly runs the gamut and has much to offer insofar as impressive music and captivating vocals from Warwick and Hunter"

Rock N’ Roll View

"these five are a real breath of fresh air and a shock to the everyday musical system presently in place"

All What’s Rock

"Typically it’s these types of artists that represent the soul of good music and manage to not only inspire, but to make it all the way to the top of our hearts"

Indie Shark

A Gathering Storm is available on iTunes and Amazon