Gregory Jay


Gregory Jay is a singer/songwriter from the Manx hills – living in London. His musical journey began when he started learning classical guitar at the age of 7 and playing at his local church at 9. Raised to listen to 60s rock ‘n’ roller’s Elvis, Roy Orbison, Ritchie Valens and The Beatles, music was his passion at the time of his earliest memories. Taking things more seriously, Gregory started singing and writing at 14. 

Soon after, he moved to London to gain more experience in performing, playing any gig he could get whilst studying a degree at the British Institute of Modern Music. ​ Impacted heavily by the pandemic, Gregory was made redundant and with time to reflect, made the decision to put all his time and focus into his artistry. During the first lockdown, he began writing and recording his songs in great quantities.

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02 Dec 26 Leake Street