Head In The Sky


Crafting sound and stories though the unmistakable vocals and unforgettable guitar-work of Ronoc; The rip-roaring lead riffs of Andy, the brilliant bass work of Manu and the driving beats of Charlie. Its clear if a tune emerged of Head In The Sky. A four piece from Leicestershire that is a full force to be reckoned with. Consisting of Ronoc on guitar and vocals, Andy Gurski on guitar, Emmanuel Fantasie on bass and Charles McHugh on the Drums. This bands creation can become an infectious part of your musical journey; Leaving you wanting to go back and revisit the moments attached to each of their songs. With influences coming from everywhere, this is one band with something new to offer the world of music, ready to inspire great things. HITS Secret weapon seeks such soulful desires. When their music reaches full flight you’ll be running wild. Explore; and find that with these guys, the worst is setting with the sun. Indulge: and find yourself drifting away with the tide… So lets let the music speak.. Head In The Sky… For a preview of the bands live set, click here –