”Moody synths and bass-heavy beats swirl through the soundscape as HEAVN delivers a heart-stopping vocal. It’s the perfect mix of raw, authentic storytelling and moody melody. It’s intoxicating alt-pop!” – Born Music

Originally from Italy, HEAVN’s powerful and haunting vocals combined with a dark, moody synth driven production, perfectly embrace the energy of indie rock with the vulnerability and echo-laden production of alternative R&B. This is the perfect package all wrapped up into a sleek pop production. Her intimate verses build into epic choruses, expressing the dark and youthful themes of love and fear, through an authentic narrative.

After getting her master degree in songwriting and production at Tileyard Studios, she has been working closely with the Tileyard community and her mentor Penny Foster (Lana Del Rey, Imani Williams). To date, HEAVN has performed at some of the London most prestigious venues for up and coming artists including Under The Bridge and Camden Assembly, and she has collaborated in writing camps around the world – Tileyard Studios (UK); Pop Music Camp (Italy); Palmer Global Ink (Nashville).

Her debut single ‘High’ was premiered on ‘Popular Music’ YouTube Channel, where ‘High’ hit 99K views.