HEIDI is a 22 year old singer/songwriter/ from Southend, currently signed to 3beat (Universal). With a record deal, Love Island sync and appearances on Sky News & BBC Radio 1 under her belt already, 2024 is set to be a strong year. HEIDI’s viral DnB banger ‘Do You Remember Me’ has racked up over 432,863 thousand plays, 650,000 views on tiktok 

Crediting music with saving her life, HEIDI’s passion for songwriting is utterly infectious. Then there’s the voice – deeply powerful and full of energy, angst and passion – the self-professed ‘big gob’ wrote her first song at 6 years old and hasn’t stopped since.  Her realness, openness and charm seal the deal – to know her is to love her!


Do You Remember Me (Sad Version) - HEIDI (Official Live Video)