Henry Birkett


Henry Birkett
Hailing from a country background, Henry Birkett has grown up cherishing the
sounds of classic and modern Americana artists from industry legends, The Eagles,
Glen Campbell, and Brad Paisley, to Chris Stapleton and Gregory Allen Isakov.
Influenced by Guitar Hero to pick up the guitar at the tender age of nine, Henry took
his rocking ambitions and ten years later, is now a blossoming Americana artist.
With personable and relatable lyrics, touching on aspects from heartbreak to wild life
experiences, Henry’s songs will resonate with all, straight to the core. The budding
artist has used determination to get to this impressive musical position, having
worked for his family business for a great length of time whilst finding it a struggle to
move out, study and song write in the chaos of London. Now, with his self-made
guitar in his grip, Henry has soared, baring his soul through his emerging music.