Howling May Queen is the rock band formed by Simon Hurts and Daniel Ocean in London, October 2017.

The band is comprised of Daniel Ocean (vocals), Simon Hurts (guitar), John Paragami (bass) and Patrick Casey (drums) and sets its roots in the classic rock tradition with a solid background of blues and folk, alternating heavy electric shows to intimate and atmospheric acoustic sessions.

“Howlin’ May Queen play blues rock psych with doings with Hendrix type guitar throttling and a kool keening vocal. The sound of stimulation and distressed leather. Rocking.” Das Fluff

After performing in the main venues of the city and performing a live session at the iconic “Abbey Road studios”, they have recorded a mini EP (Feb-2019) that featured the singles “You better make me groove” and the acoustic song “Long way of gold” aired on the radios of over 60 countries worldwide.
“You Better Make Me Groove” is a great track, a very promising debut whilst the accompanying track ‘Long Way of Gold’ shows that there is more to the band than just ‘classic’ rock. There is enough potential to make me very interested to hear what comes next”. Alan Byrne – Koast Radio 106.6fm

The summer of 2019 consolidates their fanbase with a sold-out intense tour before they head back to the studio for the EP “1969” to be released in December containing three songs which are the quintessential of their sound and influences.