Hubert's Friend


Blending grungy alt-rock with catchy hooks, Hubert’s Friend have been serving up dark earworms for nearly five years now. Formed in London in 2014, the band began when drummer Tom Sagar and guitarist Martyn Hannant realised their meandering desert-rock jams were almost resembling actual songs, and recruited bass guitarist Nayaab Anwer and singer and lyricist Elly Lock to join them. The resulting band have honed a unique sound over the years, fusing driving indie rock riffs with a deceptively funky rhythm section and soaring pop melodies written by Lock. Lyrically, Lock takes on everything from mental health to feminist and political frustrations, while still finding time for good old-fashioned love (and lust). A cluster of singles were put out by the band over 2017 and 2018, with more to come soon. They continue to gig regularly in and out of their London base.