In a low-lit country pub in the dead of winter, a fight broke out between two strangers. That fight led to a sizable bill for glassware as well as the meeting of vocalist Andy Teece and drummer Sam Jenkins. Somehow, the bar brawl prompted a musical collaboration and caught the ear of guitarist Ebony Clay. Ebony, however, came into the picture in a more composed manner. Andy repeatedly saw a dark haired beguiling woman during his weekly hunts through local antique shops and record stores. One day, after picking through records, Andy was reading the local paper at a coffee shop when all of the sudden this woman he had frequently seen, quietly sat herself opposite of him. This strangely familiar face lit up a slimline Parisienne smoke and said, “You need me in your band.” Two months later, Ebony joined the band as lead guitarist. Shortly after Ebony joined, bass player Jack Timmis entered the band as the fourth member and HVMM was born.

To picture this foursome, you have to imagine looking at them through the opaque window of an old Victorian home. They exude a lustful darkness, anachronistic yet timeless, instilling a fearful excitement into the onlooker. On the ear, they’re a sinister concoction of dynamic rock – fizzing with brawny, off-time riffs – and rasping, super-charged vocals.

The lyrics mix melancholy, dark humor with romance. Their stage presence brings a feverish chaos, sex appeal and slick-back swagger. Thunderbolt choruses seize attention, swell crowds and drive the audience into an enraptured trance.


Andrew Marston, BBC Introducing “What an incredible vocal style. What incredible guitar. What incredible drums, bass, actually – the whole lot is incredible.”

The Musical Outcast “HVMM’s fuzzy, hard rocking Peaky Blinders-esque swagger is a thing of beauty”.

Rhythm & Booze “HVMM create the perfect soundtrack to sleaze, sin, lust and desire, be prepared to be left feeling a little dirty, but ultimately begging for more”.