Jarpsy are the lovechild of the high-velocity, hard-hitting impact of mid-2000s indie rock, and the stadium-filling choruses of timeless classic rock vibes. With influences hailing from every era of musical history, Jarpsy are seeking to make themselves part of that history through their front-and-centre live shows that get the crowd riled up, moving, and sure to talk about the band long after the stage lights have come on. Despite the success of their debut EP The Come-Up, and their first single Hammerhead, Jarpsy keep their energy focused on keeping both their sets and repertoires fresh. No sooner are they perfected in the writing room, than new tracks are brought into live shows, so no two shows are the same. With each track, each set, crowds reach new heights of liveliness, riffs reach new heights of infectiousness, and Jarpsy reach new heights on their journey to being a household name.