Kat Knix


London based producer Kat Knix is Swedish born Katarina Delin, whose first major release was an official remix of The Knife’s ‘Without You My Life Would Be Boring’, from their ablum ‘Shaking The Habitual.’ Her debut single ‘Lose Myself’, released 2016, carries a distinct Londonesque sound with a Nordic electro twist. The vocals are laid by Ade Omotayo, former backing singer for Amy Winehouse and also collaborated with British artist Kindness. Since her emergence in 2010 Kat Knix has captured the imaginations of the electronic music scene in Europe with her rock/soul vocals and her raw synths. Her exclusive live sets, growing reputation as an artist and her in demand production skills see her pulsating rhythms and grinding electronic riffs set on a course to strike at the heart of the international electronic pop music scene.