Keepers Brew


Keepers Brew is the spaced out, twisted brainchild of Greyum May. (ex Ozric Tentacles) and features Adam Goodlet (Re:Creation) and Stu Brewer.
A heady, eclectic blend of Progressive Space Rock, PsyBreaks, Trance, Drum n Bass and more..

Appearing either as a slamming Dark PsyBreaks/ DJ Set (with or without guitars) or as the full three piece live act. Including Guitars,Bass,Synth,Vocals. Either way you can expect a happy dance floor, losing themselves in ‘The Brew’ . The future is bright, the future is PSYCHEDELIC!

‘Stunning soundscapes and rhythmical genius,
incredible musicianship, listening to Keepers Brew makes you feel like you are floating down an ethereal river on the back of an elephant’
(Chapman Guitars, Dorje, Clockwork Wolf & Co)

‘Multi-layered, futuristic, experimental and ultimately very unique, Greyum has created something very special that crosses many genres including psychedelic, trance, rock and more. In a world that is desperate for originality, Keepers Brew are in a class of their own.’
(Orange Goblin, United Talent Agency)