Last Of The Real


Last Of The Real is a Polish rock super group formed by guitarist and previous leader of the band Kreuzberg Grzegorz Palka (Hehua), known and respected drummer Ziemowit Rybarkiewicz (from Kreuzberg, Delight) and popular singer Juan Carlos Cano (the Mexican winner of The Voice Of Poland 4th edition). The rock trio is working alongside famed producer Jarosław Baran. "This band has the potential of becoming an international success -says Juan Carlos Cano – My bandmates, our producer and the whole team involved are perfectionists working for the same goal to put out great music and a great live show. Over all I believe Last Of The Real is ready to bring some new life to the Polish and the international rock scene". Last Of The Real is mainly created to fulfill the dreams and ambitions of each band member. "We create for ourselves, we get our energy and happiness from it. We are not aiming for an audience in particular. If we would overanalyze and calculate the creative process, it would affect its freedom and the sound in a negative way. We want to make music that we would like to listen to and be proud of" – Ziemowit Rybarkiewicz. "When all your life revolves around music, you sacrifice everything for it, then you work to create a way to express yourself and your emotions. That's how bands are made and that's how Last Of The Real came to be" – Grzegorz Palka.