Legs On Wheels


LEGS ON WHEELS are wild and restless psych-prog-punk-pop adventurers, darlings of Manchester’s underground freakscene, and an antidote to the self-seriousness that pervades progressive rock.

Their 2021 EP Idelia was lauded by Manc legend John Robb as “mind-blowing stuff” and showcased the band’s sophisticated yet playful approach to songwriting.

L E G R O O M represents an expansion of their unique sound. Gliding gleefully through a heady mix of psychedelic pop, punk, prog, jazz, world, classical and more, the debut album is an extravagant feast for the ears.

Cast off convention and let go your limbs, as Legs on Wheels burst from the brain like alien flowers!


Legs On Wheels - Heaven's Gaze (Official Video)