“A unified and tight playing unit, every keyboard and percussion interjection in just the right place”

– Cambridge Music Reviews, 2019


– John Oxley, 2018

Pop band LOVE TRAPEZIUM used an innovative A.I. technique to create the first music video of its kind – rendering 6702 unique frames in the style of randomized famous paintings, creating a psychedelic and visually arresting viewing experience.

The song, SHE’S DEAD, is the first single from their upcoming Norwich-themed EP, the subject matter for which is evident from the single cover art, which shows the band’s logo affixed to the ‘Welcome to Norwich’ sign. LOVE TRAPEZIUM are known online for their other creative music videos, such as XBOX 720, which was animated entirely in MS Paint, and SEE U AROUND, which used 11 years of footage of the band members as kids growing up.

LOVE TRAPEZIUM have extensive gig/festival experience, having played several shows throughout the UK, supporting acts like Malena Zavala, DAME and GiedRė, at venues like Camden (Barfly) Assembly and the Underbelly Hoxton. They are also frequent participants at the Edinburgh Fringe.Their songs cover a broad variety of topics, ranging from panic attacks to the Sri Lankan Civil War to online relationships, all wrapped up in a veneer of early 2000s nostalgia. Having just entered their 20s, the members of LOVE TRAPEZIUM (ISAMBARD, ED, WILL & JOE) use the time they have when unoccupied with study or work to gig and record at weekends.