Luca Settembrini


I am an Anglo-Italian musician, composer and rock guitarist. I was born in Rome to an Italian father and English mother, but grew up in the hills of the Umbrian countryside in central Italy. I started playing the piano as a toddler, but it was only when I sneaked in to a closet as a 6 year-old child and took my father’s 1972 electric Hofner guitar, that the love affair with music really began. Inspired by the eclectic range of music surrounding me, from classic music such as Vivaldi to rock bands as Queen, I took up formal guitar lessons, and after graduating from high school in Italy, spent 3 years in Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA to fine-tune my skills as guitarist, and develop my passion for composing and arranging. Upon returning to Italy, I invested in a home studio, to continue composing and recording (myself and other artists), teaching, as well as playing solo and band gigs. In 2014, I released my inaugural album, Next Step Up, which has been the launchpad for a more creative period in my life. NeoClassic Rock and metal are my passions, which is reflected in my original compositions. I have now, in 2018, just completed my second Album, Chronicles of Metamorphosis, which is an evolution of my creative and technical skills, having a more virtuoso style. Both albums are available to buy on the usual digital platforms. I spend my time between the UK and Italy, and when I am not working on my music, enjoy keeping fit, mountain biking, travel and gastronomy.