Marna is a three-piece alternative indie-pop band hailing from London, UK.

Inspired by frontwomen such as Alice Glass of Crystal Castles and Sadie Pinn of Crim3s, vocalist Marnie Burt began producing and releasing her own music when she was just 16. Despite some success, she soon shelved her first solo efforts to pursue what she believed to be a more “sensible long-term career” working behind-the-scenes of the music industry.

With encouragement from ex-collaborator and colleague JKP to pick up the solo project again, singles “Crossfire” and “Craving” followed – however, dissatisfied with the 9 to 5 and tired of writing pop songs, she quit her job at the label in Summer 2018 to attend a music university, where she would meet guitarist Ross Fernyhough and drummer Callum Green, forming Alternative Indie-Pop band Marna.

Marnie and Callum were first to meet, closely followed by Ross’ introduction via Marnie’s classified ad (despite attending the same university). Ross’ love for psychedelia, Callum’s knowledge of funk and blues teamed with Marnie’s conversational lyricism and soaring vocal combines to create an exciting sound that will get your brain thinking and feet moving simultaneously.

Marna builds on the previous solo project’s success with a forthcoming EP (produced by Nick Kelly of XY&O) including lead single “What Is A Girl To Do?” based on the band’s biggest influences – for fans of Lana Del Rey, Father John Misty, Black Honey and Alexandra Savior.