With Urban/Latin Roots, Mexicana is one of the most progressive up and coming acts of the decade. Mexicana tracks blend elements of hip-hop, rock, mariachi and electronica into their music. Mexicana has broken the boundaries of traditional latin music by adding a unique spin to their formula. You can expect to hear booming 808’s, old school loops, electronic sounds combined with heavy guitars and pounding drums. The addition of mariachi instruments creates a powerful sound that is sure to spread across all genres of music lovers. Spanish/English rap lyrics by the female lead vocalist Mexicana, and backing rap verses by Beatzilla and Rhino finalize the power trios music style.

Mexicana was formed in 2014 by Machy De La Garza(Mexicana), Roro Gutierrez(Beatzilla) and Ryan Whiteside(Rhino). Although Mexicana is a newly formed group, the members have been performing and producing together for almost a decade. The trio first started working together with Mexicana’s internationally known Kumbia/Pop group “La Conquista”. Beatzilla, who has worked with numerous artists such as Selena, Jennifer Pena, Dj Kane, Chikko, Chris Perez, Thalia and many more, came on board as the band director and keyboardist for LC. Rhino, who is married to Mexicana, worked with La Conquista on most of their video and music productions, and also held the position of Stage Manager, Live Sound Engineer and Media Producer. Rhino also played drums for the Texas born ,indie rock roup iH5 for 14 years as well. The grammy nominated band La Conquista, won numerous awards including “Best New Artist”, “Female Entertainer of the Year” and “Best Show Band”. After 15 years of playing in the Latin/Kumbia market, Mexicana decided that she wanted to start a solo career. Thus the concept of Mexicana was born.

From their home studio based in Corpus Christi, dubbed “The Dragon Lab”, the trio contemplated on what direction would be taken for the sound of Mexicana. “We all knew that the music would be nothing like we’ve ever done before. All of us come from different backgrounds, and the challenge was to fuse all of our influences into a unique sound that us, as well as the world would enjoy.” recalls Rhino. “We didn’t care about the rules in music, because there are no rules!! We closed our eyes, and Shazam, Mexicana was born…and the rest is Mex-tory!” says Beatzilla. Over the span of 4 months, the three worked day and night on the new Mexicana production. After the music for the first album was finished, the group wasted no time in shooting their first video for the single “Super Peligrosa”. The members of Mexicana are no strangers to the entertainment business. “We know how much work is required for a project like Mexicana, but this is what we are good at and without music, there is no life” says Mexicana.

Mexicana, who is an independent group, has created a nich sound that pushes the boundries of music. There is no latin artist that can be compared to the sound of Mexicana. The group looks forward to sharing their music with audiences around the world.