Michael Sebastian


In a world where culture is displaced and instantaneous; multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer, Michael Sebastian, doesn’t discriminate.

He uses genre as colours on a palette, creating music from a broad range of experience and styles. A South African artist living in London, his works fuse; Afro-Jazz with Rock; Funk with Electro-Pop; through to Grunge with 90s Rave. Sebastian’s affinity for groove and feel allows for conflicting styles to fluidly co-exist, creating a unique rousing energy.

His lyricism toys with themes one grapples with in early adulthood: materialism, hedonism, lust, subservience and perseverance; which are playfully coupled with absurd imagery via tangents of free thought.

Whenever possible, Sebastian is on the streets of the capital, improvising with a loop-pedal, a mic and a bright pink guitar. This affords him a sensitivity to music’s ability to move people, which resonates at his gigs.

Performances with his powerful live band – Stefano, Renton and Jonny, have enraptured audiences at venues including; The Barfly, The Roundhouse and The Garage. The show distinguishes itself with brilliant musicianship, a varied setlist and dynamic performance.

2017 marks the release of Sebastian’s largest creative undertaking to date: ten singles curated over ten months with record label The Animal Farm. After his 2015 release of the 4-track EPII, this series of work sees him elaborate on his fusion of styles.

This year – on the street, on record, and in concert – Sebastian will open up to his audience, to create a vital, enigmatic, original musical experience.