MOAN (Message of a Nation) is a hip-hop group from Sheffield, combining soulful vibes with gritty realistic truth of today's society.

We consist of 3 friends Joe aka Lucid Behaviour, Sean Dee & Ben Woodward who came together during a time of creative flux and financial/social instability while leading hip-hop workshops for young homeless people of Sheffield inspiring the title of our upcoming E.P 'Finding Home'. This gave us a lot of inspiration and emotional content over the last 13 months. 

We inject a sense of reality into their music from both positive and negative sources. For example, they take everyday situations and turn them into digestible hip-hop with fun philosophy behind their etiquette towards the craft. 

Sean Dee delivers a picker upper type verse while Lucid gets you thinking on your feet with his profound lyrics, Ben Woodward, on the other hand, gives life to the emcees with his mellow, reflective instrumentation.