Mount Forel


With each member of Mount Forel hailing from very different corners of the world, including Denver Colorado, Osaka, Dunedin in New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Manchester, Tokyo, and The Wirral, the alternative rock band are a real melting pot of cultural offerings and sounds (think a heady mixture of CAN, Dinosaur Junior, War On Drugs, Districts, etc)
The band have built a reputation for interdisciplinary happening gigs, including one where the audience wore blindfolds during the set at a faded art deco cinema and another where the audience was given individual instructions of what to paint while listening to the band.
Mount Forel has won the listeners’ vote on the Amazing Radio Audition show and is picking up support on Radio X’s John Kennedy/Xposure show.

“Mount Forel’s Witney – a classic for our time” – GigSlutz
“Sounding really really great . . . looking forward to hearing more from this band” – John Kennedy / Radio X
“Mount Forel make a ferocious noise”
– Subba Cultcha