NAKED are a young, ecstatic, retrofied band from London and continental Europe. Having formed just over half a year ago, and with an already extensive catalogue of original, heart throbbingly cathartic and sexy music, NAKED are tailor made for any pair of ears. The band’s smooth 60’s blues rock compliments all three member’s luscious locks and frontman Ollie’s lascivious voice. Having said this, influences such as Jack White and Ty Segall seep through Hendrix riffs to screech out a melee of aural eroticism. Their music aims to be as human as possible with an intellectualised seediness that has deserted the current musical landscape. The band wants to speak to both your mind and between your legs, communicating and marrying the two by means of guitar driven music. NAKED already have a small cult following from the aftermath of their first few gigs, this coupled with their twenty unreleased songs ready to join the family of their Ep, ‘Taste of Wild’ paints a very promising future for the trio. Their unique traversing of all ages of rock n’ roll, whilst incorporating a free flowing and fresh bass, guitar and drums relationship makes for very easy, exciting and impassioned listening. As their name suggests, NAKED aims to enter your minds, souls and panties to give you the aural ride of your life