Nightlife is an amalgamation of accomplished musicians who have come together through a mutual desire to achieve the success and recognition they undoubtedly deserve. Their credentials are impossible to ignore, through the success of Paul signing a major record deal a few years back with ‘All or Nothing’, and Will's previous band 'Forever Can Wait' playing Download Festival a few years back. Fingers still ablaze, they relocated to London and fuelled their creative fire with what they learnt from previous endeavours. Cathartically purging the bullshit and, in the ashes, etching out the foundations of something huge; a shared vision of a hardworking, road-savvy unit with an arsenal of hard-hitting tunes that will see them realise their goals and unleash it to the world. Only a month after forming, they released their defiant rock debut EP ‘The Road To Hope and Glory’, produced by Pete Miles (We Are The Ocean, Sonic Boom Six, The King Blues). It pulses with hard-edged riffs, explosive melodies, soaring vocals and an energy that overflows into their storming stage show, which has seen them support the likes of Tellison and Lower Than Atlantis. “We’ll do this on our own, strike firmly with one blow” sings frontman Paul Foster in the aptly-titled ‘Fools Gold’ – conveying the steep learning curve that they have all gone through, concluding that if you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself. 6-track EP ‘For The Record’ is the next chapter of the story. Produced by Neil Kennedy (Don Broco, Burn The Fleet) it achieves an increase in clarity and an even firmer grip on their individual sound that refuses to hit the brakes. Every song is worthy of a ‘music to run to’ playlist raging with intricate riffs and complex melodies like Dave Grohl’s pissed off younger brother. The lyric ‘’Borrowed bookmarks for unfinished chapters’’ in the single off the EP called ‘Good Intentions’ suggests there is a lot more left to come, and Nightlife have shown no signs of slowing down. The band continues to grow in strength. They’re a lot wiser and are showing their true colours. With their new album 'Salt & Acid' – the name Paul (lead singer) came up with to sum up a certain type of mindset you often observe in modern society – one where you’re stuck in a rut of saying no to breaking out of your comfort zone, in order to preserve your current state. The album has received rave reviews with comparisons to bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Jimmy Eat World – the bands new rockier edge appealing to a much wider audience. Nightlife are hungry to keep pushing forward, to play as many shows as possible and share their music with the masses.