Otto Hashmi


Otto Hashmi is a solo artist from North West London. Despite his classical roots, as a teenager he fell in love with the cutting edge side of music and the exciting sounds coming from his home city. All of this has culminated in a fusion that sounds like a love child between James Blake and Björk that learnt too many instruments, on top of syncopated UK Hiphop grooves.

Hot after the release of his latest track BJÖRK ( ) he anticipates his upcoming EP launch in April 2020.

Extensive worldwide touring as a session musician and recent musical directing work, in addition to years of on-stage experience, means Otto knows exactly what it takes to give an intense live set as a one man band. As a seasoned multi-instrumentalist, his live set features: Keys, Guitar, EWI, Recorder; amongst other unconventional instruments with heavy doses of live looping.