PACE is a fresh London based sound that was established in Slovakia at the beginning of 2015. Its founding members are Adam Pavlovcin, a singer-songwriter, and Adrian Cermak, a pianist and music composer. As a creative duo, Adam and Adrian form the core of PACE, working beside Lorenzo Calvo on guitar and Chris Gyftakis on drums. They are guided by a shared desire to craft experiences which blend vulnerability and the surreal. Their sound is characterised by deep male vocals combined with orchestral music that swells and sweeps in an ambient cloud or in catalogue words – synthesise ork-pop, baroque pop or neofolk. This summer they showcased their moody cinematic aesthetic at the 2000Trees Festival in Cheltenham followed by many other London and European performances. Their debut EP, Keeper, was released in January 2018 and offers a 7-track experience that invites listeners to the edge between alternative and popular music.