A melting pot of musical and cultural influences, ‘redbook’ formed in 2017 as the artistic lovechild of Soraya Grosso and Jake Tweddle. Having lived all across Europe, experienced vocalist Soraya Grosso stumbled into British-born guitarist Jake Tweddle outside his local cinema and the pair has been writing and recording since. Raised on punk and folk, Jakes playing moulds around Sorayas’ soulful, rich vocals and her background in traditional Italian classics makes for a unique result in both sound and composition. Their invite-only Sampler release brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘Live Lounge’ when they held the unique show in their own front room. Having played caves, shipping containers and record stores – ‘redbook’ are no strangers to unorthodox venues and have their ‘Big Smoke Sessions’ scheduled for release in August 2018. Argumentative, impassioned and relatable; the pair harnesses their juxtaposition of music with a sound driven by rich, powerful vocals and raw acoustic playing with lyrics that reach for the listener, and songs that keep them.