Restless Youth


I play upbeat melodic catchy protest music, predominantly in a reggae/ska style, using a loop pedal amongst other things to create a powerful sound (sometimes enlisting the help of fellow musicians). I start writing songs at 13, was gigging them by 14 and recording them professionally by 15. Now, at 17 (soon to be 18), I gig, compose, arrange, record and produce relentlessly in my area, gradually moving further afield to fresh ears, forging some incredible memories within many great festivals and venues (one of my favourites so far being a slot at the lovely Green Gathering), also having had the opportunity to play in multiple countries. It’s hard work doing all this at a grassroots level without any connections or ‘ins’, so an opportunity like this to perform at the Isle of Wight festival would be hugely helpful, as well as a lot of fun.
More info and me and my music can be found on my website –, and updates/news can be found on my social media – Thank you very much for your time.