Reverse Family


Recently featured on Tom Robinson’s BBC6 Music Mixtape. Reverse Family are an art project on a large scale! We are currently in the processing of releasing 52 x 7 track eps from October 2017 to October 2018. Every Monday – that’s 365 songs in a year. IT CRAWLS WITH RELISH INTO THE IMAGINATION!- RINGMASTER REVIEW. A MOOCHING CLUB FLOOR TEASER! LOSINGTODAY.COM Funk infused glam rock! NORMAN RECORDS. Bit of Pere Ubu vibe, funkier, nice biscuit tin drum sound, minimalist approach recalling a lot of post punk with an eery reverb drenched vocal, David Thomas meets Barney Sumner glam punk! BUGBEAR PROMOTIONS Reverse Family offer a lo-fi exploration into an experimental DIY web of sounds and flavours which is hard to pin down but certainly embraces everything from post punk and noise pop to indie and old school punk. With a tongue in cheek lining to the lyrical reflection shaping songs which spreads into the music itself, Reverse Family is a beguiling adventure with a nod to the past and a grip on an imagination as fresh as it is, well quite simply a touch loco. @reverse_family