Sila Lua


Sila Lua is an Spanish artist and producer based in London. Heiress of Spanish urban music but influenced by the most experimental trends of international electronic music, she released her debut single "The Black Door" the past October 27th 2017. This track, sang in both Spanish and English, produced by herself in London and mixed and mastered by Pablo Martín (C. Tangana, Dellafuente, BFlecha), is a contemporary electronic track hard to classify. It talks about that black door we all have inside that when it opens, it shows our deepest secrets, our darkest and murkiest self. Sila, instead of rejecting or disowning that dark side, opens her black door for us and invites us to take a look. The music video, shot in Madrid, was directed by Andrea Avilés, a multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona and one of Sila's closest friends. Together they have made a symbol of the inner struggle, the disparity, the chaos and the consequent mischief that is required to become aware and…Start playing! Her second single, "Nada" will be released April 2018.