Sneaky Toy


Sneaky Toy are a pop-punk-rock/melodic-hardcore band, born in 2017 from the idea of Andrea Zanolla and Simone Stocheli, guitar players and singers in Trieste’s historical band: My Space Invaders.
The goal was to try a new kind of punk rock, with faster rhythms, catchy guitar riffs, more personal sounds and with a powerful but at the same time melodic female voice.
This idea came true when the two met Leo Bugatto, singer of Vidiam, a melodic-post-harcore band from Trieste.
Meeting Leo was a fortunate twist of fate. When Andrea asked him if he knew a good female singer Leo pointed right to Laura who was standing right beside him and asked if she wanted to join the band.
It only took one rehearsal for the band to be captivated by Laura Mandich (Lalla) and her powerful voice. So she became officially part of the band.
Andrea, being the former drummer in numerous bands such as Piano Eartquake and Black Pope, decided to play the drums himself, so the band took it’s first shape with this formation:
Laura Mandich (vocals)
Andrea Zanolla (drums)
Simone Stocheli (guitar, vocals)
Leo Bugatto (Bass guitar, vocals)
The band’s sound became very soon really defined and influenced by bands like NOFX, The Offspring, Blink 182 and Misfits but expecially by more underground bands like Not On Tour, Bad Cop Bad Cop, Tilt.
The songs lyrics mainly condemn nowadays society, the injustices we daily witness and a bigot and retrograde mentality but you can still find songs that celebrate the good times, the nights out with friends and so on.
After only 2 months the band decides to record their first EP.
“Dino-sour” is a 6 tracks long EP, recorded at “Track Terminal Studio” (Trieste), and released in February 2018.
In 2018 Sneaky Toy played some gigs around Trieste and neighborhoods and started to have lots of positive feedbacks from the people.
In december 2018 they had a bad news (or good, points of view): the bass player Leo had to move to Rome to study in a prestigious art and movie school, so they had to find a worthy substitute.
… and the winner is… Manuel Vascotto (Manu), an old friend of Leo, former member of the band Vidiam too and a very cool guitar player.
In January 2019 the new formation of Sneaky Toy had its first gig at Bar All In in Villa Vicentina (Gorizia) and it has been a success!
The band is now working on some new stuff, arranging some shows in Italy and possibly in Slovenia and Austria.