Sophomooreik [so-foe-more-ik]

Sophomooreik, a 23 year old artist from NW London combines elements of trap and electronic music with alternative hip-hop and released his first EP, EASYAS…[growing up] in October 2019, showcasing “staggering, rapid fire delivery. As with his debut, Sophomooreik’s second offering EASYAS…[self indulgence] EP released in Oct 2021, firmly demonstrated his ability as a shrewd and perceptive storyteller, using his own experiences and those of people around him, to construct a semi- fictional, semi- autobiographical yet always authentic narrative, that develops over each track.

Having released his debut mixtape ‘OMS’ in Nov 21- to some amazing support from BBC/Tom Robinson, he is ready to relaese more music – with his 3rd EP and is doing a string of shows in 2022. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.



Sophomooreik - Gluttony