STITCH are Nikita, Gray and Kye, a new Alt-Pop band from London, UK.

Above all else, the believe in making Pop music that feels to it’s core. For them music is a way of releasing their struggles, hopes and experiences out into the world. All the music they create has been devotedly crafted quite literally ‘in-house’ in their home where they all live together, writing, producing and recording all the music themselves.

What do they sound like?

Think Florence and The Machine meets Clean Bandit, meets Annie Lennox, meets Fleetwood Mac. Intricate dual-gender vocal harmonies wit lush, emotive textures supported by infectious rhythm. Rip roaring, party-starting trumpet solos, throbbing and pulsing basses that get you in the gut, haunting violin atmospheres that fill the air, and tearing emotional vocal belts in resounding unity.

Their live show plays an exciting key role in what they have to offer, from atmospheric orchestral pop intros to trumpet solos, sweeping violins, live drum looping and audience participation they strive to put on a fully immersive show even more ambitious than the music itself. Amplified by Nikita’s high energy, captivating stage presence it is an experience tailored for the big stage.