The Mighty Orchid King


‘Here’s a dazzling journey through psych pop land. Electrical and melodic firework. Imagine The Beatles and The Byrds on a LSD trip together’ (Turn Up the Volume!)

Like the ever turning Wheel of Life, The Mighty Orchid King is in constant flux; it has welcomed nearly 20 members through its doors since inception. In the current incarnation, Jonny is singing and hitting stuff, Martin is playing the 12-string guitar while Matt is content with the regular 6, Pete is on the 4-string bass and Will is creating synth madness. If they remember they’ll all do some Beach Boys harmonies too. The band claim to hate genres but if they were forced to give their music a label it would probably be apocalyptic-psych-rock-dance…or something. They released their self-produced debut EP in 2017 and had this to say about it:

‘Nothing Ever Happened was conceived after The Mighty Orchid King found Jack Kerouac in the cliffs of Big Sur in a past life. He was writing the poem of the ocean and did not wish to be disturbed. When Jack opened his mouth, he spoke only in the language of the angry water below, an unusual tongue which we could not fully understand. ‘Shoo—–Shaw—–Shirsh—–!’ he suddenly exclaimed. Confused, we sought more explanation from this mysterious prophet. Jack, who was now quite irritated, commanded The Mighty Orchid King to go out into the world, pray to the mountains, fall in love and make the music that came in to our minds for no particular reason at all.’

TMOK are currently locked away conducting bedroom synth experiments for a new release in 2018….