The New Republic


Punchy Riffs & Groovy Licks – and bags of infectious energy. The New Republic bring a breath of fresh air to the indie rock scene guaranteed to get people up and dancing.

“With an exhilarating wall of sound” The New Republic stun audiences with their larger than life performances. Frontman, Sam ‘Electric Love’ Waites, drives this to unparalleled heights. Along with his iconic vocal melodies and crunching rhythm guitar – he creates an electrifying atmosphere in every performance.

Providing the je n’ais ce quoi is lead guitarist, Michael Hebdon. Unleashing no-nonsense riffs and sweet, soaring melodies, he transforms the hard-hitting rhythm track into a multi-layered masterpiece.

Holding down the foundation of the groove – the bass is provided by Tom Harteveld. Never going unnoticed on stage, our knight in white satin holds his tight and catchy groove to form the band’s funky feel.

At the heart of the rhythm is Sam ‘Drummer Sam’ Evans. Often credited for delivering the piercing punch of the band in bewildering, effortless fashion, his advanced musical brain offers a secret weapon to the table.

The New Republic are eager to share their music with lovers of the dancefloor. And their mesmerising sound will ensure you can’t resist the toe-tapping temptation… 


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