Veeraj Lutchman


Veeraj Lutchman is an emotive and honest singer/songwriter with a powerful and raw voice that hints at his influences, whether that be Donny Hathaway, Jeff Buckley or John Mayer. After his unforgettable performance on Gary Barlow’s ‘Let it Shine’ on BBC singing Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’, he released his debut EP ‘Speak The Truth’. He took his EP on tour through the UK, seeing his last date in London, playing at The Aviary for the EP launch party. Born into a Mauritian family and growing up in the small Surrey town of Frimley, Veeraj has a strong sense of identity, which is reflected in his genuine and heartfelt lyrics, that have his audiences feeling that he has written about them. There is a vulnerability in Veeraj’s performances that draws you in, however don’t be misled by his self-effacing approach to music, as the other side to his character is sharp, witty and daring. Starting out in a Virgin Records store, he once snuck into his managers office and found Richard Branson’s home address and sent him a demo of some of his songs and to Veeraj’s surprise, Richard Branson phoned him personally to invite him to work on producing music for V2 Records. After this experience Veeraj, together with his younger sister, were signed to a band called Devoted (Telstar Records and EMI Publishing). This opportunity saw him perform alongside Lemar, Girls Aloud and Blue and produce music with some of the worlds best known music producers, these include Max Martin, Rishi Rich (Jay Sean), Ignorants (Craig David), Big Pockets (Michelle Escoffrey and Liberty X), Savan Kotecha (Ariana Grande), Mathias Johansson (Sophie Eliss Bextor and Danni Minogue) and Steve McNichol (Stereophonics). Veeraj’s true passion lay in creating his own material, so he left the band to focus on writing and performing his own songs. ‘Speak the Truth’ sees Veeraj in collaboration with Itay Kashti (Fink, James and John Power) to produce his first solo work. Veeraj has used his experiences to date to inspire his journey to pursue his own path and to tell his stories that we can all relate to.