Alice Maria

Somewhere between the catchy choruses of pop and the dark themes of alternative sits Alice Maria, a 19 year old singer-songwriter based in Brighton. Alice began songwriting at the age of 14, and made a name for herself in late 2017 as a grand finalist of Open Mic UK. Since then, she has become a regular face of the Brighton gigging scene, gaining a loyal following from her original songs and 'girl next door' vibe. She has also gained a wide social media fanbase from posting acoustic covers of pop songs, adding her own unique indie style. In her songs, Alice gives a personal perspective of teenage life in a modern age, with dark themes of drugs, alcohol and insecurities often taking centre stage, and striking a chord with her younger audience. As of 2019, Alice Maria has been a regular at the studio, ready to release her long-awaited debut single in Autumn.