Amber Peri

Singer songwriter from north London. Genuine music lover.
I grew up in a small town just outside north London, taught myself how to play piano and guitar and how to sing through YouTube tutorials! I started writing my own music around 10-11 years old and have been doing it the same way ever since! Nowadays, finished a course in music tech which taught me the basics of production, then I threw myself into it and now produce most of my songs to a get a vibe, then take it to my producer who I’ve been working closely with for just over a year now and he adds to it and like magic, it turns into a full song! I’m writing in an alternative r&b style and have my first release due this summer called ‘Elevate’ which I am super excited about! I enjoy writing about the truth and I practically bare my soul in my music..
I mainly use Instagram as my social network which is @iamamberperi