Andrew Deevey

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“The next Johhny Marr” Stephen Street - The Smiths/Blur producer.
“A guitar incendiary of startling hugeness” Melody Maker


It all started when I asked my parents for a guitar. They said NO, but finally gave in after I pestered them for some time and they finally relented and I bought a Les Paul copy from a friend for £35. I’d heard ‘Pictures On My Wall’ by echo and the Bunnymen and wanted to play guitar after hearing it.

My fist real band was THE DECEMBERISTS based in LIVERPOOL. They did really well for a first band. Gigs in LONDON, NME Interviews and a song on a compilation album sandwiched between THE COCTEAU TWINS and NEW ORDER.

THE DECEMBERISTS morphed into HELLFIRE SERMONS and a debut single was released which became NME SINGLE OF THE WEEK, but it was time to move on. I moved to LONDON and became lead guitarist with THE CARETAKER RACE.

STEPHEN STREET producer of The Smiths/Blur/The Cranberries produced the debut CARETAKER RACE album ‘HANGOVER SQUARE’ which got into the Indie Charts but disappeared due to the collapse of Rough Trade Records. THE CARETAKER RACE toured all over the UK with THE DARLING BUDS and there were tours of Europe with THE HOUSE OF LOVE.

During 2013 I released ‘While My (Acoustic) Guitar Gently Weeps an album of Beatles covers performed as acoustic instrumentals. It’s still available via iTunes and CD and continues to sell in Europe/USA/Japan.

I’ve played guitar for many influential indie bands, more recently THE BITTER SPRINGS travelling to such places as Barcelona and Madrid and VIC GODARD AND THE SUBWAY SECT and performing on a recent Marc Riley BBC6 RADIO SESSION ( a live one as well!!).

FAST FORWARD TO NOW! After being a guitarist for so long I decided to venture to the middle of the stage. I’ve spent the last year writing and recording what is now going to be the album ‘NORTHERN SOUL’ because I’m from ‘UP NORTH’ and SOULFUL. I played some festivals to test out the songs and received a great reception. The audiences really liked the songs. They’re not heavy and aggressive, just pop songs that you can’t stop singing! There’s been a positive reaction from local radio stations gaining lots of airplay and live acoustic sessions.

I’d just finished a gig when some bloke rushes up to the stage, shakes me by the hand exclaiming “I’ve been listening to these bands all day and you come on and blow them all away - you can really play!” That’s what it’s all about!