Animal Drive

Animal Drive is a young progressive hard rock band originating from Zagreb, Croatia.
The band is signed by Frontiers Records and released the debut album “Bite!” in February 2018.
AD is fronted buy one of the best young rock singers in the world – Dino Jelusic who is primary writer, keyboardist and driving force to the band’s sound. More recently, Dino was chosen by the late Paul O’Neill to tour as a featured vocalist with the extravagant Trans-Siberian Orchestra. In past 2 years Dino worked with Gus G, Mike Mangini, Tony Hernando, George Lynch, Joel Hoekstra, Jeff Scot Soto, Kip Winger, John Macaluso….
Joining Dino is the incredible guitarist Keller who release a ferocious guitar attack onto the audience.
The thunderous Rokindja on bass and heavy hitting Zvone on drums completes the band’s vigorous sound. Influenced by bands such as Dream Theater, Whitesnake, and Skid Row, Animal Drive take their listeners on a wild ride of musical satisfaction. Animal Drive plays energetic, powerful and honest rock shows.
The band is auditioning the 5th member (keyboardist).