Apeman Spaceman

Apeman Spaceman make a schizophrenic, darkly explosive kind of alt punk-rock. Guttural reflections on a modern world gone wrong and what it’s like to be in it, starring a bloodied cast of conflicted characters – from an agoraphobic girl lost in a teacake in the Co-Op, to a sci-fi Romeo orbiting space in a rehab unit, all set against a world plummeting towards civil war and self invasion from plastic bottles.

They are Johnny Cooke and Rikki Mehta, (both from ex-naughties punk band 'Dogs'), Alexi Christou and Ethan Kennedy.

"Apeman Spaceman: Chaotic, visionary, with hammering drums and slash-throat guitars". - Northern Exposure

“Dirty, nasty, indie rock... A remarkable statement of intent”. - Clash Magazine

“Like My Bloody Valentine producing Presidents of the United States of America, but with David Bowie on vocals and a whole lot of weed”. - Listen With Monger