Arcaeon are a young, driven and passionate 5 piece progressive metal band from Reading/London, UK. The band take influence from a variety of genres and styles, ranging from the hook laden arrangements of mainstream pop, the complex layering of video game compositions, and the experimental, hard impact of modern electronic music. The band take pride in their calculated live performances, that deliver a wash of textures and colors, balanced carefully with crushing crescendos, rapture inducing melodies, and technical grooves.

Staking their claim as a new band to watch within the UK’s burgeoning progressive metalcore scene, Arcaeon pack a punch with their progressive yet melodic style. Reminiscent of the likes of SikTh, Northlane, Intervals and even Architects, Balance is an EP impressing from beginning to end.

Arcaeon are a group who in their short existence have already played alongside Thank You Scientist, The Voynich Code, The Arusha Accord and more, despite forming early in 2017. Receiving praise from Metal Hammer, Rock Tribune (Belgium) and more, Arcaeon are becoming a band to watch.