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With the uncertain economic and social environment we currently find ourselves in, Freedom provides the perfect sound track to the gritty reality of life. Offering a rounded view on conflict, tension and both the adversity and triumph of the human condition, Azim once again proves the old adage that difficult times produce excellent music. Although strong elements of traditional protest musicians such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Joan Baez can be found within his work, Azim’s sound is layered and diverse and can’t easily be shoe-horned into a particular genre; preferring instead to create a sound that best expresses the content of each song individually. Freedom, for example, has a hypnotic reggae tempo throughout, characterised by the familiar heavy backbeat rhythm that encapsulates both the sentiment and vibe perfectly. Inspired by the return of one of his musical heroes, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) Azim began his creative journey three years ago by picking up the acoustic guitar and writing songs that reflected his experiences of growing up in London alongside a landscape of disruptive political changes. As he explains himself “There’s so much to being alive, so much out there to draw upon, especially since we had Brexit and Trump. I don’t want to hide from any of it.”