Big Zilch

BIG ZILCH are a two-piece heavy rock band from east London, fusing doom grooves and tight rhythms with politically charged lyrics.
The accomplished blues guitar of Sam Gellor and the scrappy punk drums of Grant Bailey meet in the middle to form a furious rockabilly bastardisation of genres.
The duo recently recorded two tracks at Blue Studios in Dalston, rounding off the abrasive edge and improvisational leanings of their live show to craft eight minutes of taut, weird-out rock ‘n’ roll.
First up, ‘QUARTER’ is a heavy-heeled beast, with a driving riff and ascending chorus, which breaks like a wave in the outro.
Next, live favourite ‘CERAMICS’ demonstrates BIG ZILCH exploring the fringes of aggravated punk, with the lyrics telling of a bitter-sweet and wilful abandonment of hope over spluttering snare rattles and choked cymbals.
Grant said: “BIG ZILCH started life as a way to work through tension. When Sam and I first got in a room to play, the aim was to turn aggression into something constructive. We weren’t originally intending to share what we were making with other people, but we were surprised with the accessibility of the music we made. What we thought would be unstructured and gross actually turned out to have a mainstream sensibility. We had some hooks in us!”
“BIG ZILCH'S powerful, bombastic tunes culminate from an ear-pleasing concoction of a) superhuman drumming, b) riffs worthy of summoning a demon, and c) primal passion: all enough to prove that they're destined for much bigger stages.” – Sound Addict
“A two-piece that sounded like there was at least four of them. With all my musicianship-related knowledge I cannot possibly explain how the fuck they do it.” – Live Circuit
“BIG ZILCH have a fantastic sound, and as soon as the first note was played I knew these would be good. Boy they did not disappoint.” – Indie Central Music
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